Bridge / Portal

Cycling down a busy Greasborough road in Rotherham, eyes set to permanent scan for those continually sought nooks, crannies and gaps in the ordinary, a small forgotten looking cul-de-sac revealed itself which naturally flashed the usual investigate signal. At the top and slightly hidden, worn old stone steps lead up to a wonderful  iron lattice railway foot bridge and an intriguing track beyond. Investigating further, a pipe and tank loaded chemical works sits aside the path, dealing in high performance aromatic polyketone solutions I’ll have you know! But passing this, the inquisitive will find they’ve passed through a kind of invisible portal and are amidst a parcel of tranquil and charming countryside, seemingly a million miles from the busy roads and dusty industry previously trodden or ridden. There’s something so incredibly special about these conduits into another world, and they are always the undeniable highlight of any day of exploring. The temptation to about turn and recreate the whole unfolding experience was strong, but would it ever be the same second time around? Maybe not, but I’ll be back to further explore this green enclave soon.            



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