I’m fairly evenly split between modes of transport during psychogeographical wanderings and urban explores. The pedestrian has that option to climb, squeeze and scramble, therefore opening up myriad possibilities not easily open to the cyclist. Back street real ale emporiums are also more readily accessible without the encumberment of two wheels. One does need to fuel after all. However, the range afforded by a decent bike designed for rougher terrain often more than makes up for this. The ability to speed through tedious industrial estates, less salubrious neighbourhoods and the ease of investigating what frequently turns out to be a dead end more than makes up for it.



2 thoughts on “Steed

  1. Lovely bike and I share your quandary about which form of transport is best. Speed through the less desirable areas with a bike is great but when you want to stop off for a drink or, better still, some cake the ever present worry of securing your steed is always an issue.


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